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Forget about 'Enlightenment' - Satsang with Mooji
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The most direct way into the experience of our own true nature. 'My challenge to you is: what if you didn't have anything to do about anything? Nothing at all! ... Staying as Awareness, I tell you this is a trap! ... Sometimes we overuse intellectual faculties... There is no accuracy in the Self..." Mooji One of the many satsangs with Mooji in Ireland Visit www.mooji.org Music and Editing by Nataraaj You can order Mooji's Book and Full Length Satsangs in DVD, MP3 etc on http://www.mooji.org/shop/ On this video Subtitles are available: Chinese 汉语/漢語 Hànyǔ; 华语/華語 Huáyǔ; 中文 Zhōngwén French Hebrew Portuguese Spanish Russian Русский язык - Забудьте о Просветлении Români - Rumanian Svensk - Swedish - Glöm allt om Upplysning Italiano-Italian
Added on Apr 1, 2011 by TommyG
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