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Acceptance vs. The Power to Change

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Here's a video certain to elicit both howls and cheers: "Acceptance vs. The Power to Change". Come one, come all and witness these two heavyweights duking it out in the ring. Who wins? It depends upon how you look at it, because in the end there is only one left standing, with no opponent to be found.........only a winner, and the winner is you. Watch this and begin to put to rest forever the notion that "Acceptance of What Is" and "The Power to Change" are 2 different schools. (And dont worry - I'll put a more detailed video out later for my precious howlers. Until then................) :-) Much Peace and Love to You ALL, unASLEEP PS - Please excuse my head cold, I did the best I could. I hope you can understand me alright. PSS- And btw, WHEW!....Where DIDN'T I go this time to collect my crayons to color with? I think I picked up one from everywhere I looked. Again, a very VERY heartfelt thank you goes out to all my crayons who indulge my usage of their images for the creation of these free videos on enlightenment. Without you, I couldn't do this. You have my most sincere gratitude, and if anyone needs credit, let me know and I will be happy to note your contribution here. Again, thank you.
Added on Jan 22, 2011 by GSpirit
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  Acceptance  verses  The  Power  to  Change  unasleep 
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