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Masters of the Light, Thoth Pt 3, Consciousness, the Mental Universe, the Egyptian Mysteries

Video created by: John Carnagey "Know o man that light is thy heritage." "The Light of man is a star entrapped by darkness, only through strife will his soul be set free." "Thine bodies are nothing but planets revolving around their central sun." -The Emerald Tablets- The Ancient Egyptian Mystery schools and Wisdom of Thoth/ Hermes Trismigistus are seen in a new universal light of understanding when shown back to back with that of the Buddha and Jesus. Buddhism and Hermetics are shown to have a common understanding and universal message that was spoken and understood by all the ancient masters. The truth is staring us in the face. Understanding is the Key to all forward progress in the return swing back home to the mighty ALL. Many blessings. "While it is true that the ALL is all, It is equally true that the ALL is within all." -The Kybalion-

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