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Events are Optional - Mooji 2009

"Supposing there was no next, next thought, next moment, next feeling... nothing to anticipate and whatever is past is gone. In this instant of recognition who are you? How are you if there was no another moment to stretch towards? ... What you have no interest in, doesn't get registered. Unless the mind says something exists, nothing exists. ... You are perceiving whatever you conceive. Events are optional, not a compulsion." Subtitles in Russian by Vladimir S. Россия Pyccĸий Svensk - Swedish (Raaj) Português (Rogeiro) Romanian (Sorin) evenimentele_sunt_optionale Music by Suryaneel http://www.myspace.com/suryaneel N Events are Optional Mooji 2009 London 28JuneS3 YTN track1

Channels: Moojiji Channel 

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