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Be Fully Awake Unto Your Self ~ Mooji

"Is the urge there to look?" (Mooji) This video contains, perhaps, the first words I heard Mooji speak on a YouTube video, when I began to see the 'fascinations of this world' as illusory (seemingly designed to put 'me' in another body through attachments) and I turned toward Truth. Each time I listen to this video, and other previously posted videos, I hear the invitation and opportunity in the words, and the energy of the words is ever new, fresh, alive; not 'repeats'. Perhaps this is what is meant by 'living truth'. Originally, the audio of this video was extracted from a clip entitled "A Grand Opportunity" on the moojiji channel; then, these words became a remix video on this channel about one year ago, entitled "Our Purpose in this Existence". It was not the first video posted when this channel was created, but it was one of the first. The message, or invitation, truly is "A Grand Opportunity". First Posting: http://www.youtube.com/moojiji "A Grand Opportunity - Mooji in Kripalu" (posted 01 Nov 2008) First satsang in the most renowned Yoga and Health center in Eastern USA, at the beginning of a silent retreat. 'Spontaneous Poem' by Mooji Second Posting: this channel (AwakeningBridge), entitled "Our "Purpose in this Existence" (posted 25 July 2009) This video is the third posting. Music in this video: David Schombert "Lagoon" ~ Royalty-free music by David Schombert can be downloaded at http://jamendo.com

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