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Howard Storm, Atheist visits Hell

The astounding story of Arts Professor Howard Storm who had a near-death encounter while still an atheist. He relates his story of being dragged to the brink of hell by evil spirits & calling out to Jesus to save him. The video takes us through his experience and the answers he received during the NDE about the future of the USA(00:24mins) & the World(00:34), about heaven(00:39), and about other Worlds(00:49). By Red River Productions. (Remixed to include only Howard Storm’s story.)

Channels: The Learning Channel  Hell 

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Ravi Zacharias - The Existence of God part 1 of 6

This message will deal with the issue of atheism by summarizing the arguments for the existence of God by Ravi Zacharias -a 35 year respected top religious scholar, author and veteran speaker on Christ and Christianity and the Bible.

Channels: The Learning Channel 

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